Season 1, Episode 2
Airdate March 18, 2005
Production No. 102
Writers Vernon Chatman
John Lee
Animators Augenblick Studios
Mark Marek
Devin Flynn
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Space is the second episode of the first season.


Chauncey and Kaitlin go into outer-space in a home made rocket where they discover, then battle God.


  • "Today we're celebrating Space and White People!"
  • Don't Litter (cartoon)
  • Clarence: Freedom Of Speech
  • 5 Jokes in 5 Seconds
  • A Celebration of White People Throughout History
  • Dear Grandma
  • What's the Matter? (bumper)
  • Yuck Yuck Goose and His Sidekick His Butt (cartoon)
  • "This is so much fun I'm getting a bloody nose!"
  • Plastic Surgeons Without Borders (cartoon)
  • "Well, the Earth blew up, and now we're all alone in space space space…"
  • Breaking News: Freak Beast Alert Level
  • Beat Kids: Blood Drive
  • "All You Gotta Do Is Pretend to Believe"
  • Q&A: What is Heaven?
  • "It's God!" (bumper)
  • Describe Yourself in One Word Or Less (bumper)
  • We Went to the Farm
  • "Thanks, God! You're the greatest- loser!"


  • This episode was brought to you by space, white people and brain wash. It was also brought to you by Whitey's God Sauce.
  • This is the first appearance of Him, Wordsworth and Sthugar's comfirmed designs.