Season 2, Episode 5
Airdate April 28, 2006
Production No. 205
Writers Vernon Chatman
John Lee
Animators Augenblick Studios
Devin Flynn
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Science is the fifth episode of the second season.


When Wordsworth is afraid to fight his fear, Chauncey and Him have to climb into his brain and change his mind from a boy to a man.


  • "And I'm gonna be the judge!"
  • Q&A: What Happens When You Die?
  • Treat Your Body Like a Temple (cartoon)
  • Clarence: What is the American Dream?
  • I Find This Cartoon Guilty (bumper)
  • Ol' Dusty (cartoon)
  • "You got your grow-ray, dumbass?"
  • Mr. Body: Brain (cartoon)
  • "We're in the short-term memory center!"
  • Superbowl - Takin' it Back (song)
  • "Never be clean! Never be clean!"
  • Piece of Mind (bumper)
  • Beat Kids: Can We Ever Laugh Again?
  • Find Your Inner Child (bumper)
  • Sthugar and Her Sadness Powered Beanie
  • "Welcome to the center of the brain"
  • Be a Man (bumper)
  • Don't Listen to Peer Pressure (cartoon)
  • Breaking News: We Just Received Word of a Story
  • So Now You Know: Inside an Egg
  • Girls Can Work (song)
  • It Takes a True Man (bumper)
  • "This is just how my dad said I'd end up!"
  • "I did it! I'm a man!"
  • Alternate Credits: "I'll kill you!"


  • This episode was brought to you by science, the inner child, and Bring Your Slaughter To Work day.