Season 1, Episode 8
Airdate April 29, 2005
Production No. 108
Writers Vernon Chatman
John Lee
Animators Augenblick Studios
Devin Flynn
Jim Tozzi
Ben Jones
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Patience is the eighth episode of the first season.


A strict demonstration of patience tries everyone's nerves, audience included.


  • "We're gonna learn about patience"
  • Q&A: What is Patience?
  • Breaking News: The Universe Has Been Raped in the Mindgina
  • Punctuations Marks with Punk Mark (cartoon)
  • Rad Mark Sez: Patience
  • Footprints in the Sand
  • Reverse The Curse (cartoon)
  • Clarence: Patience
  • Kooky McZanybottom's Kartoon Korner
  • Boring Episode Apology
  • Boring Episode Apology (backwards)
  • Kooky McZanybottom's Kartoon Korner (backwards)
  • Clarence: Patience (backwards)
  • Reverse The Curse (cartoon)(backwards)
  • Hoofprints in the Sand (backwards)
  • Kramdar sez: Worship (backwards)
  • Punctuations Marks with Punk Mark (cartoon)(backwards)
  • Breaking News: The Universe Has Been Raped in the Mindgina (backwards)
  • Q&A: What is Patience? (backwards)
  • "We're gonna learn about patience" (backwards)
  • New Episode in its Entirety (edited for time)
  • Q&A: What is Speed?
  • Dear Jesus: Gimme!
  • Clarence asks Toothless Masons: What do you Eat?
  • Throw Caution to the Wind (cartoon)
  • Double Speed Double Dutch Destroy Stereotypes (bumper)
  • Causer's Aspirin
  • So Now You Know: Life as a Girl
  • Beat Kids: Muscles vs. Brains
  • Pre-School Race War
  • Get Hooked on Books (bumper)
  • Funny/Not Funny
  • Episode Recap


  • This episode was brought to you by patience, REDRUM baby bottles and the number 100,000. It was also brought to you by speed and Paulie's Pocket Chili.