Number 2




Being Number 1


Number 1

First Appearance


Voiced by

Vernon Chatman

Number 2 is the personification of her number, as she is the underdog.


She is a green number 2, with two thin arms. She has two eyes, eyelashes, a nose and a mouth with pink lipstick.


She hates being less than Number 1 and snuck onto Wonder Showzen to prove that she was just as good. However, Chauncey didn't believe she could be as good as him and banned her from the show.

She came back onto Wonder Showzen, pleading to have another chance and showing off a puppet show with her and Chauncey puppets. When her puppet show failed, she proclaimed that she would commit a murder to prove that she was the best.


For her big debut, she planned to commit a murder of live TV. Regardless, she only killed a beetle with a tiny electric chair, which didn't earn the respect that she wanted from Chauncey.


Her murder ended up being a big success, putting pointless murder back on the map, but it was still only the second best thing ever. After a sad song, she decided to kill herself as she couldn't live with being number 2. 

Following the live murder performance, she shot her suicide on live TV, where she deep fried herself and broke up into little pieces. She did not die however, as Chauncey saved her life. He congratulated her on doing the number 1 thing ever, but in a shocking twist he had to do reconstructive surgery on her and he chose to make her the number 0.


  • She has a stuttering problem.
  • She appeared on the second disc for the season one DVD, with her hands in handcuffs.