Season 1, Episode 5
Airdate April 8, 2005
Production No. 105
Writers Vernon Chatman
John Lee
Animators Augenblick Studios
Devin Flynn
Josh Kimberg
Nick Cogan
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Nature is the fifth episode of the first season.


When Mother Nature gets a sex change operation, nature feels the consequences. Can Chauncey save us all? Most certainly.


  • "What's happening to nature?"
  • Q&A: What is the Difference Between Boys and Girls?
  • Ray Ray (cartoon)
  • Clarence: What Riles You Up, Harlem?
  • "This money is just what I need to finish my sex-change operation."
  • Breaking News: Nature Purchased by CoCOR/Rufus Truthfist
  • The Little Man Inside My Head (cartoon)
  • So Know You Know: Mating Call
  • Breaking News: Black Jesus
  • Beat Kids: The Zoo
  • "I'm ready to get my home sex-change on."
  • Breaking News: CoCOR CEO
  • "Mommy, I wet myself" (bumper)
  • Segregation Works! (cartoon)
  • Total Racewar Live
  • I Don't Ever Wanna Grow Up (song)
  • Breaking News: Truthfist Press Conference
  • Celebrate Our Differences (cartoon)
  • We Went to the Mint
  • "How do I take my mind off my shame?"


  • This episode was brought to you by nature (by CoCOR), girls (by CoCOR) and CoCOR (by CoCOR).
  • In one of the bumpers, Chauncey says to the audience "don't watch me, watch this". This is a reference to the opening line from "The Scorcher" by Prince Buster.