Season 1, Episode 6
Airdate April 15, 2005
Production No. 106
Writers Vernon Chatman
John Lee
Animators Augenblick Studios
Noodlesoup Productions
MOM Studio
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History is the sixth episode of the first season.


Today's Wonder Showzen is brought to you by the Number One, but Number Two shows up trying to steal the show. After Chauncey tosses her, she tries every stunt to make it back on!


  • "Shut up, you stuttering freak!"
  • Q&A: Why is America #1?
  • Chauncey's History Lesson (bumper)
  • Clarence: What is Private Space?
  • Bible Brew (cartoon)
  • "Report come visit me" (bumper)
  • Beat Kids: Statue of Liberty
  • "I g-g-g-got a puppet tap-dance show, check it out!"
  • "And now, for my big debut, I will commit a murder."
  • Breaking News: No One Cares/Lack of Protest Protest
  • Breaking News: The Unflappable Jimmy Flaps (bumper)
  • Express Yourself
  • "You put pointless murder back on the map!"
  • Oh My Garsh (bumper)
  • Number 2 (song)
  • Patty Cake (bumper)
  • We Went to the Chicken Dinner Factory
  • Lies My History Teacher Told Me
  • Tragedy Farms Milk (cartoon)
  • Echo (bumper)
  • Funny/Not Funny
  • Story Time with Ms. Amy
  • Suicide Is Not Glamorous
  • "You did the #1 thing ever!"


  • This episode was brought to you by Toilet Rice, Little Mr. America, and Number 1.
  • Chauncey saying he is going to "puke his pants" is a reference to the web series Homester Runner, where a character named Coach Z threatened the same in the Strong Bad email, "Secret Recipes".