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Vernon Chatman

Clarence is Wonder Showzen's man on the street.


He is a smooth blue felt hand puppet, with a high-pitched childish voice. He has two fins on the top of his head and he is known to not wear pants!


If being annoying could save people's lives, Clarence would be Martin Luther King. Curiosity can only get him so far before he winds up in a Mexican prison.

He enjoys agitating people, constantly trying to push them over the edge. His rants are continuous, as he repeats everything the other person says and asks or says very irrelevant questions or comments to people.


  • He appears in 14 episodes.
  • He has the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes, which he used to kill Bootleg Clarence.
  • In the series finale he was thrown off a helicopter and into the depths of the ocean, implying Clarence commits suicide.
  • The only episode where he had two films was "Patience".
  • In the pilot episode and the early concept, his name was Arthur.
  • The Clarence puppet, along with John Lee and Vernon Chatman themselves, were assaulted while they were filming the Clarence segments, some of these assault attempts include
    • The Clarence puppet's right eye getting torn off, in the early concept this also happens to the Arthur puppet.
    • Lee and Chatman getting punched and kicked.
    • In an interview, it is mentioned that someone had his forearm against Lee's neck and had him pinned against the wall.
    • In the same interview, Lee mentions that he and Chatman were nearly assaulted by someone who pulled a knife on them.


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